5 Cool Outdoor Gadgets to Spice Up Your Yard

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Out of all the cool outdoor gadgets, some of these on this list make me wonder how people even think of them! Enjoy this list of things you might consider.

1. Terra Grass Armchair Gets Your Yard Involved

If you’re lacking a couple of lawn chairs (you know, the portable kind) and want to sit in the grass, but not on a flat surface, you should check out the Terra Grass Armchair (Amazon Italy) to see what you think. The project was on KickStarter and raised enough money to make the products.

The whole thing is just cardboard and what you can do is build it, plant your seed in dirt and wait for it to grow. Different kits are available which will let you upgrade one of your seats to a sofa. That sounds pretty awesome!

2. Edyn Wi-Fi Garden Sensor

The Edyn garden sensor sets up continuous monitoring of your garden to inform you of any changes in light, humidity, temperature, moisture, and even soil nutrition! Depending on the weather forecast, you’ll be notified of changes and comparisons with a plant database.

Download the app to see how your garden is doing from anywhere (since it’s Wi-Fi connected). Another cool feature about this gadget. It’s solar powered.One of the best parts about the features are that it will recommend certain plants according to your soil and climate region. That’s something an ordinary person can’t do without years of experience.

Check out the Edyn Garden Sensor on Amazon! Wi-Fi connected, real-time monitoring of your plant and garden needs.

3. TreePod’s Original Hanging TreePod Backyard Tree House

hanging treehouse

For this one, you’re going to need a tree, but it will definitely be worth your time. With a capacity of up to 500 lbs., the Treepod Hanging Tree House is fully portable and breaks down to be used for camping, parks, or just your backyard. Certifiably an outdoor gadget worth mentioning.

Right now it’s offered in four different colors and built with nylon and an aluminum framing. The fabric is (of course) weather resistant, so if you want to be outside in the rain, no big deal. Measures 7.5 feet tall x 5 feet wide.

4. GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker

portable solar cooker

You might have a grill in your backyard, but when it’s full, you can resort to using the GoSun Portable Solar Cooker for steaming, frying, baking, or even boiling. It’s perfect for a pack of hot dogs (you know, the vegetarian kind) or pretty much anything you can fit. As long as the sun is shining, you’ll be able to cook on it. It has mirrors to help retain the heat from the sun to be used as a stove. But, remember to get a backup charcoal grill for the nighttime.

5. Outdoor Bluetooth Rock Speakers

You might have one of the bluetooth speakers that to carry around with you from place to place, but how well does it blend into a backyard? Unless it gets painted the same color as grass, these rock speakers are probably going to blend in better! They are designed to withstand extreme heat or cold – without reduced life or failing and have a 40W output to put out enough sound for medium or large sized backyards and patios. Click here to see the bluetooth speakers on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed these! I know I’m looking forward to getting a hanging tree house once we plant a tree in the backyard…but, the garden sensor seems promising!

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