Perfect Posture Dog Gets Noticed By Reporter

The dog clearly doesn't care that a reporter notices him during the aftermath of a terrible storm and tornado in Texas.

It's no wonder a dog is a man's best friend. Once they notice the yard's not getting mowed, it's time to relax, criticize reporters and wait until the coast is clear to mow the lawn.

What's the real story?

Well, no one really knew how long the dog was there, but it's certain that this mower was safe spot. Hopefully his owner was just giving the dog a chance to try out the rider after the storm.

Fluffy Dog Dominates Lawn On Zero Turn

You've got to admit one thing - this dog's got style.

Not only is this the most chilled, relaxed dog with pink paws and feet, but he's just plain dignified.

I'm not sure a human could ride a zero turn mower with such ease and simplicity, but if they could, it definitely needs to be with this type of style.

Just a couple ´╗┐´╗┐months ago, there was a dog that was 'just chillin' on a riding lawn mower during the tornado outbreaks in Texas. Although it's hard to compare, both dogs get credit for imitating their master's actions and attempting the effort of work.