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Moving over to the Greenworks 40-Volt push mower has really shown me the wonders of using electric equipment around the yard. Finding an affordable rider like the new Ryobi electric riding mower was not even in the cards it seemed. Until now.

Meet the Ryobi RM480e. It’s an all electric machine that will mow up to 2 acres or 2 hours, depending on which way you want to look at it.

Ryobi RM480e Electric Riding MowerConsidering my electric push mower journey, it’s exciting to go cut the lawn now because there are no more trips to the gas station, oil changes, spark plug testing, or other common routine maintenance. Combine all of those things with the ability to start my mower with the push of a button and it’s definitely worth the cost.

Fully Electric 48-Volt Riding Lawn Mower

ryobi rm480e electric riding mower electric charging

Think about the class of a Nissan Leaf, but for riding lawn mowers. The all-electric car runs on nothing but pure batteries, is the best-selling electric car, and boasts it’s “super quiet and efficient”. I feel like this mower will meet all of the same criteria, but will also be a best-seller.

With the reputation of Ryobi and their selection of electric push mowers, this riding mower could effectively be the new, go-to electric pick for yards that aren’t huge, but require a rider to get the job done.

Let’s Talk About Clean, Electric Mower Power

ryobi rm480e electric riding mower all electric powertrain

No Gas, Zero Emissions

For Ryobi, they have been in the industry for a very long time. They have really worked to get their electric tools and equipment fine-tuned and fit for an average consumer. That being said, it’s nothing new that this mower uses no gas and has zero carbon emissions.

LED Headlights

One of the reasons an electric riding lawn mower has become a reality is because of lighting technology. If the mower batteries have to power two 30-watt bulbs, it [obviously] takes away from the energy source. You’ll get less mowing time because power has to go to the bulbs. However, with LED lighting, you’ll have the longevity of the low-energy bulbs as well as remaining power.

Low noise/no heat

Since the Ryobi riding mower doesn’t use gas power, the noise is significantly cut down. Plus, an added benefit is that the only heat being created is from the batteries, not from a combustible engine.

High Torque Powers Blades and Drivetrain

There are 3 brushless motors that run the blades and drivetrain of the mower, so you’ll be getting a longer lifespan from the motors themselves. A distinct advantage of a brushless motor is that there are no brushes to wear out. That advantage in turn creates low maintenance of the brushes. There is a high initial cost for these types of motors, but the benefits outweigh that cost.

If Ryobi decided to use brush motors, the disadvantage would likely be more electric noise and have a much shorter lifespan on the motor and overall the mower itself.

Safety Features to Consider: Reminders and Operator Presence

ryobi rm480e electric riding mower safety features

The following features for safety come with the RM480e model:

  • Beeper Indication for Parking Brake Reminder
  • Operator Presence Control
  • Key Removal Reminder
  • Reverse Reminder
  • Parking brake
Beeper Indicator for Parking Brake Reminder

One aspect that’s really fascinating about what Ryobi did for this equipment was add safety features that don’t normally exist on a typical riding mower. One of those being a beep reminder for your parking brake. That way, a reminder will be given if you happen to be on a hill or in an area where you may have thought you set the brake.

Operator Presence Control

For those out there that have experience with a riding mower, you are probably aware of an operator presence control system that is usually in place to shut off the riding mower blades within three seconds. There’s actually a safety standard implemented by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) that suggests manufacturers to stop the blade(s) of the mower if the operator does not disengage the drive.

Unfortunately, this standard is not required, but merely recommended. It’s really an option that should be a requirement for any riding lawn mower.

Keep an eye out for a label on the machine stating it meets the ANSI/OPEI B71.1-2003 standard for safety.

Key Removal Reminder

This is pretty self explanatory, but if you leave the key in the ignition when leaving the seat of the mower — a nice, friendly reminder toner will remind you to take the key with you. Except for the people out in the country that leave the key in all the time, this will be helpful.

Reverse Reminder

In addition to the ANSI B71.1-2003 standard was a safety feature labeled NMIR (No Mow In Reverse). This states that the blades will not continue to rotate once the riding mower is shifted into reverse.

The Ryobi RM480e implements a reminder about reverse driving. I hate to mention it, but many riding mower accidents happen from reverse incidents.

Parking Brake

Set this and the mower won’t move. Pretty simple.

Other Sweet Features: Yep, Cell Phone Charging Enabled

ryobi rm480e electric riding mower usb phone charger

When is the last time you (or someone you knew) rode on a riding lawn mower with a smartphone charging option?

It comes standard on this mower. Such a great feature; although I do wonder how much time your phone charging capabilities will take away from your mowing time frame.

One of the features that definitely stood out to me was that this thing offers cruise control! Yep, that’s right. You can drive it like a car. Tie the cruise control feature in with a cup holder and it’s a sweet right through the yard, cold drink on board and tight turns.

It Comes With Lithium-Ion Batteries, Right?

ryobi rm480e electric riding mower batteries

One of the greatest technologies right now that is accelerating rapidly is lithium-ion batteries. And, while many of us are used to having them in our smartphones, power tools, and other pieces of tech, they aren’t quite compatible with what an electric rider needs to operate.

The type of batteries Ryobi decided to use are lead acid. Inside the mower are four 75Ah 12V batteries (hence the 48-Volt total). After they are depleted, you’ll have to wait about 10-12 hours for recharge on a typical 120V outlet.

Plus, regular lithium-ion batteries aren’t air breathing batteries anyway.

Virtually Maintenance Free and Easy Operation

For the same reasons of moving to an electric string trimmer, an electric riding mower is no different. You get all of the benefits from using electricity instead of gas and super low maintenance. That means no belts, no spark plugs, and no filters! Who doesn’t get excited about that?

With a 3-year warranty, if the minimal routine maintenance does not cover a problem, it will be repaired or replaced without charge for parts and labor by an authorized service center for RYOBI. As the owner of the equipment, shipping costs (if needed) will have to be paid by you.

What Are Ryobi’s Electric Mower’s Specs?

ryobi rm480e electric riding mower deck

12-Position Deck Height

With 12 positions to adjust for the deck, there are plenty of options to make your lawn down to less than 2″ (1 1/2″ min.) or if you have a longer cut, the deck can be raised.

Side-discharge, Mulching or Bag

Options still exist for your preference of how to contain the grass clippings. If you do want a bag, you’ll have to purchase a similar bag like this one separately.

16 inch Turning Radius

A comparable gas model to the Ryobi RM480e has an 18″ turning radius. A smaller turn radius means tighter corners. With a 16″ radius, that means making turns more efficiently around the yard.

Reinforced 12 Gauge Deck and Steel Blades

Precision cut steel blades help with cleaner cuts and longer sharpness. The deck is also made of reinforced steel to protect it from bumps, trees, and other collisions. The deck is also weather resistant to withstand things like moisture and grass buildup.

Realistic Comparison Against Gas Powered Riding Mowers

The below models are the closest comparison with the Ryobi RM480e because of the differences with deck width and the form factor. As you can see, the pricing does vary with each model, and although the Ryobi is a bigger upfront investment, you’ll gain dividends on not worrying about regular maintenance that comes with a gas riding mower.

Where is the Ryobi RM480e Electric Mower Available?

As the time of this article, the electric riding mower is exclusively available at Home Depot. It’s possible that more vendors will eventually get the RM480e model, but not certain. This is similar to the Greenworks 60V lineup only being available at Lowes.

Summary and Thoughts

With Home Depot’s 30 Day Return Policy, if you’re in the market for a new mower, this is a winner. With other electric mowers coming into view, Ryobi will have to set the standard to continue providing the best electric equipment for the average consumer.

You can find the mower at Home Depot and they’ll be on/off sites like Ebay in the future.

We’ve reached to Ryobi Marketing to hopefully get our hands on a demo of the riding mower or even some of their new lineup of power tools.

Ryobi Electric Riding Mower Resources and Guides

Don’t forget to download Adobe Reader to view PDFs on a desktop.

Ryobi RM480e Electric Riding Mower MSDS

Ryobi RM480e Electric Riding Mower Users Manual

Ryobi Warranty Information

Assembly Guide for the RM480e

So, you've been looking around at Troy Bilt mowers and you notice they have a great selection of riding mowers. The question is -- how do you decide which to consider?

It really comes down to certain features and will you be using the equipment for a commercial purpose? These are things to consider.

For this thorough review, we're going to look at a great product of the Troy Bilt family -- the riding mower.

Source: troybiltpartsonline.com

Interested in jumping to a specific topic on the page? Use any link in the handy table of contents below!

Who Makes Troy Bilt Riding Lawn Mowers? troy-bilt-42

There’s a company called MTD Products that has a variety of different sub-divisions below them – Troy Bilt is one of them. Original acronym comes from Modern Tool and Die company (hint: they made tools and dies).

It was a family owned and private company.

Interested in skipping the reviews and seeing buyer ratings? Click here.

​What Types Of Riding Mowers Does Troy Bilt Offer?

The way that Troy Bilt decided to go with naming their equipment is a little different than what one might expect. Instead of going the traditional route of riding lawn mower, they wanted to keep things unique.

So, when referring to one of their mowers, it's called a lawn tractor. You may also see it called a rider, which is common in some areas. Or, depending on which company you're talking with.

Their main "series" includes different options: Pony, Bronco, and Horse XP.

Let's have a look at the differences between them.


7-Speed Riding Mower (aka lawn tractor)

This thing's got a Briggs and Stratton engine, plenty of power, a steel frame and axle. Quality really shines with the Troy Bilt Pony™ mower.

One of the great features here: maintenance free ball-bearings.

Take care of a large yard with some of the added accessories like a mulch kit, bagger, or a trailor. A great lower end model. Have a look at some of the specifications below.

  • 42" Mower Deck
  • 15.5 HP Engine
  • 2-Yr Limited Warranty
  • Mulch Kit/Rear Bagger (optional)
  • Holds 1.3 Gallons Fuel
  • Cup Holder!
  • No Deck Wheels

Rating Source: troybilt.com

Some other features: rubber foot pads, 18-inch turn radius, headlights, adjustable seat

I do plenty of side jobs with this and many others know that my equipment takes a beating! It's good to know I can give this mower a job.

Pony Owner


AutoDrive Riding Mower 

The Bronco™ is built with a premium Kohler engine housing 17 horsepower. It uses a foot-pedal transmission that helps the mower glide across the grass with ease of use.

A tight turning radius with reverse mowing makes this mower unique. You can trim close to bushes and other landscaping areas.

Also, if you're looking for something that's easy to start and responsive, you might consider this as an option.

  • 42" Mower Deck
  • 17 HP Engine
  • 2-Yr Limited Warranty
  • Mulch Kit/Rear Bagger (optional)
  • Holds 1.3 Gallons Fuel
  • Cup Holder!
  • Deck Wheels
troy bilt bronco lawn mower

Rating Source: troybilt.com

More features not listed above: rubber foot pads, 18-inch turn radius, headlights, adjustable seat

I replaced my old mower with a Bronco. It allows me to cut my yard in a quarter of the time it took me with my old one. The big cutting deck is a plus.

Bronco User
Lula, GA


Hydro Riding Mower

Not only does this mower look sleek, but it's really packed with features! Below are some of the best features that set the Bronco™ apart from the rest of the bunch.

It's equipped with a deck wash slot to allow a hose connection for easy water clean-up. Attach the hose, let the blades run for a minute or two and watch the mower get cleaned! 

The transmission is what's known as a hydrostatic transmission. The lever is actually located on the side of the mower allowing for an easier, even more responsive drive.

What else? The front axle is made out of pure, cast iron for added longevity of the mower. Yep, that's right, cast iron - not steel.

  • 46" Mower Deck
  • 20 HP Engine
  • 2-Yr Limited Warranty
  • High Back Seat
  • Holds 2 Gallons Fuel
  • Cup Holder!
  • Deck Wheels
troy bilt bronco lawn mower

Rating Source: troybilt.com

I have two acres to mow and considered purchasing a zero-turn. This has speed, a wide cut and plenty of power for my needs. I recommend this machine without hesitation.

Horse XP Driver
Somewhere in PA

What Types Of Engines Are In These Bad Boys?

Troy Bilt consistently stays with Briggs and Stratton as well as Kohler engines. Some of the Kohler Courage engines used are premium engines designed only for their mowers. There is an exception: on one of the mowers with a smaller cutting deck, it houses a 420cc Troy Bilt branded engine.

Some features of the Briggs and Stratton engine include maintenance free electronic ignition, foam pre-cleaner air filter to extend the engine life, and cast iron cylinder sleeve.

For the Kohler engine, you can expect: user-friendly maintenance, quiet and smooth operation, high power performance, easy dependable starts, reliability, and long life design. Twin cam and single cylinder for more horsepower and better displacement.

Different models means different fuel capacities. Typically, for the higher end models, you're going to get a larger fuel tank. I think that's fair, right?

Do These Mowers Offer Different Cutting Widths?

The mowers that you've read about do offer different size cutting widths. And, for the record, they are all bigger than the Troy Bilt 30 Riding Mower (for neighborhood style homes).

The range for the mowers are anywhere from 30"-54". Whether you're looking for a smaller, more convenient mower, or a larger lawn tractor for 2+ acres, Troy Bilt has you covered.

Generally speaking, for smaller yards, a smaller deck is better. But, this may not be the case for your needs. Think about what you will be using the mower for -- do you have much landscaping? Are you going to be mowing around a shed or many buildings? These are all things to consider for your next piece of equipment.

How Easy Are They To Maintain?

Well, not all the mowers can be as cool as the Horse XP™ which has a port for your hose to clean it, but the mowers are designed to be easy to wash. The outside covers of the mower have ridges to allow water runoff and to keep grass from containing itself while you're cutting.

Aside from the washing aspect, all of the engines use many different maintenance-free components including electronic ignitions and easy to access oil check and fill areas. Another plus, the Kohler engine provides leak-proof operation and easy oil change.

You can also consider adding an additional twin bagger to help with cleanliness. The mowers have a side-discharge system to spit the grass away, but if you really want a clean yard, think about the bagger (sold separately) accessory.

Read about accessory options in the next section.

Are There Any Accessories I Can Use?

Specifically for the 42" and 46" decks, there is a twin bagger used to collect extra clippings. This is the same add-on used since the 2010 models of the Troy Bilt mowers.

Here are other accessories you might be interested in:

  • Tire Chains
  • Snow / Dozer Blade
  • Mulching Kit
  • Tow-Behind Cart

Where Can I Find Troy Bilt Riding Lawn Mowers For Sale?

Troy Bilt lawn mowers are available at many local and online retailers such as Lowes, Amazon, and Sears. There are other places you might find the Troy Bilt family.

If you're interested in finding out more about their equipment, you can check out Troy Bilt riding mower reviews on Amazon. It's a great place to see what others are saying that have been using them for an extended period of time - the good and the bad.

Summary & Conclusion

I have to admit - these mowers all have competitive features and that makes them worth talking about and reviewing. The one model that stood out to me here (and not because of the cost) is the Horse XP™. It's got an absolutely great feature set and the fact that users compare it to a zero turn mower actually means something.

Plus, when I want to relax and mow, I've got a high back seat to lean on and a cast-iron axle for when I fall asleep because I'm so comfortable. Of course I'm kidding, but I hope you get the point!

If all of the mowers listed here seem like they are a bit too much, you might consider purchasing the best selling Troy Bilt 30 Neighborhood Riding Mower which has a 30 inch deck and used for smaller, more average sized yards.

troy bilt neighborhood riding mower