Generator Accessories and Extras

Along with every generator comes extra accessories like gas cans, tachometers, funnels, and other items to test and make sure your generator is working optimally. The last thing anyone needs to worry about is having a backup power source but no gas.

Below are the most common items purchased in conjunction with best-selling generators. You’ll most likely need at least a couple of these items to make maintenance and the use of power much easier.

Yamaha ENG-METER-4C-01 Hour/Tach Deluxe Engine Meter

Features: Helps you keep track of your engine’s operating hours, Includes pre-programmed service intervals at 10 hours (initial) and every 50 hours thereafter, Flash alert displays for a 2-hour period upon reaching the specified interval, Hour meter and tachometer functions, Operating temperature is -40-degrees Fahrenheit to 160-degrees Fahrenheit

List Price: $52.28 USD
New From: $48.89 USD In Stock

Hopkins FloTool 10701 Spill Saver Multi-Purpose Funnel

Features: Exclusive no-mess splash guard, Extended filler neck opens gas tank trap door, Applications: Trans Fluid, Power Steering Fluid and Gas/Oil Additives and Oil

List Price: $2.59 USD
New From: $1.52 USD In Stock

Reliance Controls Corporation THP103 AmWatt Appliance Load Tester / Plug-in Ammeter and Wattmeter

Features: Meter gives instant, accurate digital readout, Readout measures amps or watts used by common-cord connected household appliances (1.0 to 15.0 amps, 125 to 1,875 watts), Long 26-inch cord reaches remote electrical outlets, Rugged, high-impact construction, Easy slide-switch action insantly converts between amps and watts

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $16.49 USD In Stock

Yamaha Ef2000iS Magnetic Oil Dipstick

Features: WARNING: only GREAT RIVER COMPANY SELLS GENUINE PRODUCT -, The only authorized seller of GREAT RIVER COMPANY MAGNETIC DIPSTICK, NO MESS OIL FILLER, EXTENDED RUN FUEL CAP, Built in Super Magnet helps keep metal fragments from harming your (Magnet is pressed in to the dipstick. You only see 25% of the magnet 75% is inside the dipstick.), Knurled for easy grip when installing and removing., CNC machined from a solid piece of HIGH QUALITY 6061 T6 ALUMINUM. Made in the USA.

List Price: $17.75 USD
New From: $17.75 USD In Stock

Majic Engine Oil, Fluids, Gasoline, Liquids, Kerosene Funnel with Flexible Extension

Features: Chemical resistant polyethylene construction. The wide neck and wide spout allow for rapid filling of fluids without spilling., Use for engine oil, gasoline, kerosene, engine fluids, etc., Wide Neck and Wide Spout for Rapid Filling., 7 1/2 in. funnel with removable 8 in. flexible extension, 40 fl. oz. capacity., The flexible spout is removable and makes it easy to get in hard to reach areas. The flexible spout is also corrosion resistant.

List Price: $8.50 USD
New From: $6.79 USD In Stock

Attwood 8806LP2 Portable Fuel Tank – 6 Gallon Capacity

Features: ATTWOOD 8806LP2, ATT8806LP2

List Price: $45.66 USD
New From: $45.55 USD In Stock

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