Grass Clippings – Issue #01

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Grass Clippings - Issue #01

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Although it would be awesome to write a review for every outdoor-related product out there, it's not feasible with the millions of products on the market. But, sometimes there are things that deserve a mention with some highlights to go along with them.

Have a look through these items in this issue of Grass Clippings, a quick snippet of different stuff related (or not) to the typical outdoor lawn products. 


coleman inflatable hot tub

If you don't have the money to spend on a traditional hot tub, an inflatable version might be right in your budget. 

  • Fits 4-6 people
  • DIgital Control Panel
  • Bubble Jets!

Compared to putting up a new fence which can run $5-$100 per foot, using a wireless fence for your animal can definitely save some money!

  • Covers up to 1/2 acre
  • Adjustable levels of correction
  • No wires to bury!

Growing up with a pool vacuum, I know what it's like to have to worry about the hook up, maintenance, and clean-up of a pool vacuum. Why not let a robot do it?

  • Scrubs, Vacuums and Filters All Pool Surfaces
  • Preset timer for auto-cleaning schedules
  • Included remote control

The cost of a portable projector are really starting to drop. This pico projector supports up to 1080p and puts out 500 lumens!

  • Use apps like Netflix. Hulu, and YouTube
  • Fits in your pocket for portability
  • HDMI input to connect game system or laptop

World's first smart guitar. Connect this to your iPhone or Apple device and start jamming out. Uses a wireless connection so no wires!

  • Interactive teaching apps to learn chords
  • Display fingers on screen in real-time
  • Perfect for travel due to size

All of the items in this issue of Grass Clippings are definitely something worth recommending. I'd say that until we are able to get a fence in our backyard, my first pick would be the PetSafe wireless fence since our puppy things it's hilarious to run away from us close to the street.

We hope you enjoyed these items and look forward to the next issue of Grass Clippings! If you have any suggested items you'd like to submit, you can do so below.

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