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Greenworks 25302 Electric Mower Review: Worth The Cost? [HANDS-ON REVIEW]

greenworks 25302 model electric mower

For different models of electric lawn mowers, the Greenworks 25302 series has started to stand out and make an impact in the cordless mower world. This specific model boasts a 40V power supply to give the power of a gas engine, but with an electric twist. The cutting width is a 20″ deck which is generally the size of a typical push mower.

Enough with the details, is moving to an electric mower worth it? Let’s find out by going over some of the details of the mower.

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greenworks 25302 electric mower side view

Features of the Greenworks 25302 Model Cordless Electric Mower

In the review, we’ll talk about the features and what to expect with this particular Greenworks 25302 model. Hopefully, this will engage your mind with an informed purchase decision (if you’re interested of course).

Greenworks has done a great job with making the 40V cordless tool set. Not only can you get the power that’s very comparable to a gas mower, but when you need to use your weed eater (or wacker depending on what you call it), you can simply remove the battery from the mower and insert it into the weed eater.

PROS: Very lightweight, starting is a breeze.

CONS: No side discharge.

FIRST IMPRESSION: Much better than a gas mower on the first use.

To skip to certain sections, feel free to use the table of contents below.

You’ll be getting one (1) 2Ah 40V lithium-ion battery and one (1) 4Ah lithium-ion battery. There’s absolutely no carbon footprint if you compare this electric mower model with a gas mower model.

Not only do you get two batteries, but you’ll also receive a charger (well, because that’s necessary) that has a quick 60 minute charge time (for 2Ah) and 120 minute charge time for the 4Ah battery.

Is This Greenworks Electric Mower Part of Any Series?

Yes, this is what’s known as the G-Max series. It’s also known as the twin force (also twin blade) model because of the unique dual blade system that allows each blade to rotate in opposite directions.

The G-Max lineup is designed to meet the needs of an average home owner. Not a person with a tiny apartment yard, but also not someone who has a 2-acre lot. Well, unless you want to re-charge the battery(ies) a few times.

We’ll also do a quick comparison of the more higher-end series that is more geared toward commercial use – the 2500502 G-Max Series.

Additionally, when the bagger attachment is, well, attached, the blades of grass are forced into the bag without chopping and dicing the grass.

Since the grass is sent into the bag with minimal cutting, the power of the mower lasts longer.

What Type of Deck Comes With the Mower?

It’s a very rugged plastic and I’m good with the quality of it as long as I don’t experience any issues while mowing. I was able to go over twigs and sticks and move the mower up and down on my hill with no issues.

According to Tools In Action, they stated that the deck is a composite material, so I think we’re good there. From our good friends at Wikipedia, they’ve stated composite plastic is also the same material used for things like boat hulls, swimming pool panels, and shower stalls.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard about a boat made out of plastic sinking anywhere!

Does the Mower Really Have Power?

Here’s the deal – there are three terms that can sum up this electric mower – quiet (compared to a gas mower), lightweight, and powerful. If you like those qualities in a mower, you’ll notice these features when you use it.

If you know your gas mower well, then I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the sound and quality of the power of the mower.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested in even more power, then you might want to consider the next model up, which is mentioned in the next section.

What’s The Difference Between The Greenworks 25302 vs. 2500502 G-Max Series?

A common item that I saw when browsing for this mower was the 2500502 G-Max Series I was talking about earlier in the review. It comes with:

  • 19″ cutting deck
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • Steel deck
  • Side discharge (compared to only mulching and bagging)

So, in an effort to get extra adjustments, a steel deck, and a side discharge, you’ll be losing one inch of cutting width. But, for some, that may be insignificant.

YouTube Review

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Mowing With My New Greenworks Electric Mower 🙂

I have to admit, I was definitely skeptical about the power of this mower. Some electric power tools I have used in the past weren’t the best about getting the job done. Fortunately, this mower met my expectations.

The experience was such a delight. Talk about a change! It was interesting to see how it felt different than a gas mower. There was much less resistance, hardly any vibration, and very, very easy to start.

At first, while getting used to using the mower without the bagger, I was able to go over our tall grass (about 6 inches at the time) and still have some small tips left over. After adding the bagger, the cut was much cleaner and looked better.

How Is The Pricing For The Mower?

Thankfully, I live about five minutes away from my local Menards store and found this mower for $285 (list price: $399) and I am still happy with the purchase.

Since I purchased it out of season, that’s probably why the price difference was so significant.

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Summary & Thoughts

As I mentioned previously in the review, I was skeptical, but that was changed when I got to mow the grass and see the results.

I’m certainly a fan of moving forward with the “green” movement and this electric lawn mower meets that expectation. It also has enough power for the size of my yard (1/4 acre) with power left over. I’m sure that when I start using the Greenworks weed eater (and I plan to) I’ll have plenty of enough juice.

The battery charging time is reasonable, plus with the fact that purchases of some of the other tools come with a battery and/or charger helps with multiple charging capabilities.

This model is both energy efficient and great for the environment. Isn’t that the way the future is going anyway?

I’m hoping this article has been both informative and helpful. Leave a comment or get in touch with your thoughts!

Yours truly,



P.S. If you’re interested in reading about some robotic mowers on the market, we’ve got a couple reviews about them. The Worx Landroid and the Husqvarna Automower. Both are actually more affordable than you may think!


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This mower is amazing! The video was really informative too and I love the features that this mower provides. Don’t have to worry about buying gas. Real nice! I also love the fact that you can push a button on the batteries to see how much life is left before charging it again. AA++ product!

Wow, electric mower, i must say that i am not that convinced either, but you review has shed some light on the matter. And at that price, i think it is an affordable price to give it a go.

Great review Nick, I was looking for information on this particular model. I just scrolled to the bottom of the article and saw your comments on robotic mowers. I never realised they were a thing. Only thing is I’m worried they might run over the cat. Probably best I go with the Greenworks after all.

These mowers seem pretty impressive. I’m amazed at the advances in battery storage and the increase in quality of electrical power tools. Not only are they environment friendly and quiet, but now they are also starting to deliver on quality with equal performance to the traditional gas powered tools. I think they tend to still be more expensive but are becoming more affordable over time. Here’s another article about solar powered generators which are offering the same advantages for home backup and outdoor recreational power needs… pretty cool. Thanks for this great review!

We don’t have this particular model, but have one similar to it. Best purchase ever! I grew up with a big area to mow (think 2 acres) so we used a fuel-powered mower, but when I got married, my husband and I moved to a house with a decent but relatively small yard and this kind of lawn-mower made great sense!

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