Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers: Extensive Feature List Review

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Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers: Extensive Feature List Review

husqvarna zero turn mower

Chances are that if you’ve arrived here to check out one of Husqvarna’s best zero turn mowers, it’s because you are trying to save time, become more efficient, or just simply trying to have the best mower in the neighborhood!Whatever the case may be, in the following text, you’ll see the best features and how to maintain your lawn better. It’s not a secret that Husqvarna produces great, high quality mowing equipment. Click here to skip the review and look at more information on Amazon.In this review and feature list, we’re going to cover the best parts of Husqvarna family — what makes it a great mower, how to get the most out of it, and things to look forward to.If you’d like to jump to a specific topic on the page, go ahead and use any link in the handy table of contents below!

​What Lines Of Products Does Husqvarna Offer?

The great part about Husqvarna as a company is that they offer a model that fits into different categories. Whether that’s residential, semi-professional, or commercial, you’re sure to find the right mower.Look at the line-ups in the areas below to find the right fit for your needs. Do you have a specific feature you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we’ll cover that too.


These are typically designed for those who own a home – also called homeowners. If you’re not sure what a homeowner is, the mortgage bill doesn’t come in your name every month!

Looking for a more robust mower? Go ahead and look ahead at the semi-professional or commercial line.

One of the biggest advantages of the residential products are that they are smaller, more compact, and made to help you get around the yard better. In return, you’re going to be more efficient, and have less trouble just squeezing into the areas that your push mower gets.


Simply put:You’re going to get a commercial viable mower, but at an unbelievable cost. Husqvarna states these are developed alongside commercial models – offering the same perks for a great value.

Worried about power? No problem. Thinking of that feature that might be missing. It’s most likely going to be included if it’s a part of the commercial line.


Here’s where you’re going to get the best performance and high efficiency mowing.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • Commercially Rated Hydraulic System
  • Many More Quality Traits Not Listed

When looking for the most power, best cutting width, commercial drive system, and other equipment packed features, look no further. You’re going to get all of these plus more. A heavy duty selection with the best options in the industry – including roll over protection on select models.

What Type Of Engines Are In A Husqvarna Zero Turn?

There are three types of engines that Husqvarna primarily use: Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kohler. Below, we’ll talk about the benefits of each engine and how they help to get your yard mowed. Each [engine] has a fuel tank volume of 3.5 gallons and it’s located on the side instead of the front or back. Without getting too technical, here are common differences:

Briggs And Stratton

2.4 acres/hr

Model: Husqvarna Z246i

23 HP

The tried and true, well-known Briggs and Stratton engine – the world’s largest manufacturer of air cooled gasoline engines. You know there’s something good on your hands when the engine name is: Endurance Series V-Twin.


2.4 acres/hr

Model: Husqvarna Z246

21.5 HP

Kawasaki is the maker of some top-of-the-line engines when it comes to zero turn mowers. Offering options in both the commercial and residential retail space, their nationwide network of dealers make them one of the most accessible engines. Perfect for these type of mowers.


2.8 acres/hr

Model: Husqvarna Z254

26 HP

These can be traced all the way back to the near 1920s.Kohler was originally a power and light company, but decided to focus more on small engines right before 1940. When the one millionth engine came off the assembly line in 1966, the company knew they were onto something.

Do These Mowers Offer Different Cutting Widths?

Not only do these Husqvarna’s mower offer different cutting widths, but you are looking at a range anywhere from 30″-72″. As mentioned previously, depending on what type of equipment you are looking for to get the job done, there are a variety of options.Many of the models include a reinforced steel cutting deck to get that hardcore, I can-run-over-anything type of bottom. Seriously, what did you run over if this thing breaks?One of the best parts: cutting decks come with a limited lifetime warranty so you don’t have to be worried about anything when you run over that boulder.Looking for storage and size options? Check out our lawn mower storage review — you probably won’t believe the last one!

What Are The Top Models Husqvarna Offers?

One of the best known models that have been created is the Z200 Series. These are all around great mowers with features that simplify your mowing time.Bottom Line: They look great, they feel great, and work great.Have a look below at some of the common attributes of a Z200 mower:


Although offered on many models, they are not all standard features. Also, this is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Smartswitch™ Keyless Ignitionconvenient one touch starting
  • Hands-Free Deck Liftoperation without worries
  • Commercial Duty Chassisoffers less debris build-up
  • Anti-Slip Foot Padprevent falling on your face
  • Air-Induction Mowing Technologyair goes from top-to-bottom for cleaner cut

Can I Get One Of These Things Delivered To My Doorstep?

This is the crazy part. Can you believe you can get a mower like this shipped to your house?Granted, it might show up on your doorstep in a crate (may be different in some cases – like if a local dealer ends up delivering). And, a signature is required in most cases; you know, so nobody links their truck up to the crate and drives off with it once delivered and you aren’t home. I’m not condoning the security, just thought it was worth mentioning.

Where To Buy A Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower?

With the online craze of shipping just about anything to your door, you can now purchase zero turn mowers on places like Amazon and Sears. Other retailers like Lowes and Home Depot – both local and online – offer them for purchase.It’s pretty amazing to think about. Aside from the this is going to be so fun to cut my grass at the speed of a golf cart (or faster) thoughts, you can literally have a seat on your couch and wait for a 600 lb. piece of equipment come to your front yard. Add gas, one touch start, and you get the work done.

Summary & Thoughts

Husqvarna zero turn mowers are the top of the line. They offer a unique quality by being invested in the design of their mowers. Especially if you’re going for looks, you’re not going to be disappointed.They also have many other features that aren’t known the other brands. Things like the Smartswitch feature, protection against mowing while children are around, and many varieties of sizes or ways to clean.

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