Out of all the cool outdoor gadgets, some of these on this list make me wonder how people even think of them! Enjoy this list of things you might consider.

1. Terra Grass Armchair Gets Your Yard Involved

If you’re lacking a couple of lawn chairs (you know, the portable kind) and want to sit in the grass, but not on a flat surface, you should check out the Terra Grass Armchair (Amazon Italy) to see what you think. The project was on KickStarter and raised enough money to make the products.

The whole thing is just cardboard and what you can do is build it, plant your seed in dirt and wait for it to grow. Different kits are available which will let you upgrade one of your seats to a sofa. That sounds pretty awesome!

2. Edyn Wi-Fi Garden Sensor

The Edyn garden sensor sets up continuous monitoring of your garden to inform you of any changes in light, humidity, temperature, moisture, and even soil nutrition! Depending on the weather forecast, you’ll be notified of changes and comparisons with a plant database.

Download the app to see how your garden is doing from anywhere (since it’s Wi-Fi connected). Another cool feature about this gadget. It’s solar powered.One of the best parts about the features are that it will recommend certain plants according to your soil and climate region. That’s something an ordinary person can’t do without years of experience.

Check out the Edyn Garden Sensor on Amazon! Wi-Fi connected, real-time monitoring of your plant and garden needs.

3. TreePod’s Original Hanging TreePod Backyard Tree House

hanging treehouse

For this one, you’re going to need a tree, but it will definitely be worth your time. With a capacity of up to 500 lbs., the Treepod Hanging Tree House is fully portable and breaks down to be used for camping, parks, or just your backyard. Certifiably an outdoor gadget worth mentioning.

Right now it’s offered in four different colors and built with nylon and an aluminum framing. The fabric is (of course) weather resistant, so if you want to be outside in the rain, no big deal. Measures 7.5 feet tall x 5 feet wide.

4. GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker

portable solar cooker

You might have a grill in your backyard, but when it’s full, you can resort to using the GoSun Portable Solar Cooker for steaming, frying, baking, or even boiling. It’s perfect for a pack of hot dogs (you know, the vegetarian kind) or pretty much anything you can fit. As long as the sun is shining, you’ll be able to cook on it. It has mirrors to help retain the heat from the sun to be used as a stove. But, remember to get a backup charcoal grill for the nighttime.

5. Outdoor Bluetooth Rock Speakers

You might have one of the bluetooth speakers that to carry around with you from place to place, but how well does it blend into a backyard? Unless it gets painted the same color as grass, these rock speakers are probably going to blend in better! They are designed to withstand extreme heat or cold – without reduced life or failing and have a 40W output to put out enough sound for medium or large sized backyards and patios. Click here to see the bluetooth speakers on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed these! I know I’m looking forward to getting a hanging tree house once we plant a tree in the backyard…but, the garden sensor seems promising!

It’s hard to know what to do with leftovers in your home – especially coffee grounds. With many Americans drinking over 3 cups a day and spending nearly $20 each week, there’s a ton of waste! No worries though, because in this article, you’ll find many uses for coffee grounds (and tea) to help be green on the Earth.

uses for coffee grounds and tea

Source: Fix.com Blog

1. Use Your Coffee Grounds as Mulch

You can mix your used coffee grounds with another type of mulch in order to see benefits. You’ll want to be careful though as too much coffee can be a barrier to moisture and air. A perfect mix of coffee and existing mulch can help improve the growth of certain plants.

2. Make a Better Compost Pile

With a high nitrogen content, coffee grounds are perfect for adding into your compost. Another benefit is that worms can be attracted to the compost which will help with even more garden benefits.

3. Change the Color of Flowering Plants

In case you weren’t aware, some flowers actually change color when the pH level of soil is changed. Reducing the level will help give you bright blue flowers in something like a hydrangea.

4. Create Your Own Fertilizer

Mix 1/2 cup of coffee grounds per 1 gallon of water and you can use this for your plants. What develops is a homemade fertilizer that is kid-friendly for any area of your yard or garden. Plus, you can save a few bucks compared to a pre-made organic fertilizer.

5. Repel Insects like Ants and Slugs

Create a ring around your most precious plants to make these insects turn away from nipping on your plants. As an added option, take some used egg shells, grind them up, and add them in the mixture. Bugs will opt for another path around.

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6. Store Used Coffee Grounds for Garden

When you decided to reuse your grounds, they need to be dry. From our experience at home, storing them inside of a container with a lid is not a good idea! You need a place for them to dry out – maybe consider following these directions with a baker’s tray.

7. Suppress Those Weeds You Love

While not as surefire as some of the other ways to use your coffee, adding it to keep the weeds down can help. Although you’ll want to be careful as some plants that may be around the weeds (like tomatoes) will have an adverse effect.

How are your coffee grounds used? Leave something in the comments below to let others know your creative thoughts!

Thank you to Lyle MacLeod of easylawnmowing.co.uk for this Gardena Smart System review. It is packed full of details and features that the automated system has to help maintain your outdoor lawn needs.

For those out there that don’t want to get their hands dirty and work up a sweat maintaining their lawn, Gardena may have brought out the solution for you. They have combined their Sileno Robotic Lawn Mower, Smart Sensor, Smart Water Control and Smart Gateway into a nice little package so that you can get all that hard work done from the palm of your hand – the Gardena Smart System.

As of April 2017, The Gardena Smart System products are available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, UK, France, Italy and Poland.

This system features a range of sensors which detects and keeps track of rainfall, sunlight, temperature and grass growth, and according to all these factors it will determine how often your lawn needs watered and mowed (but you can alter this if you so please). All the components are connected via the Gardena Smart System App and work as a unit to control the changing conditions of your grass to which ever specifications you would like.

Gardena Smart System Overview Video

Smart Gateway

This component produces an internet connection via an existing rooter to connect all the systems together and communicates wirelessly to all devices through the Gardena Smart App. With strong antennae in the smart Water Control and smart Sensor, this system guarantees cable-free connection from the Gateway to the rest of the components and ensures that this connection remains strong and stable even over large areas (1000m²).

It is in this way that the Gateway acts as the core of the entire Smart System.

Smart Water Control

According to the data sent through from the smart Sensor, the Water Control will automatically adapt how much water is supplied to your garden to make for more efficient irrigation of your plants and grass. The system will be aware of the outside temperature, light intensity and soil moisture, so if it’s damp, cloudy and cold it’ll put out a little less than usual and if it’s dry, sunny and warm it’ll put out a little more than usual.

But if you want to take a more control of the output and even arrange the Sileno mowing times so it coincides with the watering times, you can do so using the Gardena Smart App. You can program which days and times (1min – 10hrs) it operates, so it can be working away when you’re not at home, and you can alter the irrigation rhythm it uses.

Probably the best and most useful feature of the Water Control is that its temperature sensor will warm of any signs of frost, at which point you’ll need to disconnect, remove and store the device inside to keep it safe. It’ll also tell you when it needs new batteries, if anything is wrong with the system (with the use of LED lights) and provides you with relevant and up-to-date measurement data. This really is a very smart and effective system that could save you a boat load of stress and time.

The Water control is a small system with dimensions of 12.3×15.9×12.3cm and a weight of 404 grams so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a place for it in your garden. Allow you will need to make sure that it can connect to a legendary 3 x AA 1.5V alkaline battery from your house otherwise it won’t work.

Sileno Robotic Lawnmower

This device ensures that your grass is kept at the desired height throughout the year. It operates on a daily basis, only taking the tinniest of clippings so that your lawn is cut evenly at all times and will not have any visible stripes thanks to the Silenos SensorCut System. This makes for better lawn health and growth as the clippings will act as natural fertiliser to supply your lawn the nutrients it needs. In comparison to the regular push mower, the Sileno not only makes for easier lawn maintenance but also much better results!

The Sileno, as the name suggests, is a very quiet machine operating at only 58 decibels, this makes it not only quieter than your push mower but also every other robotic lawnmower in the market. This means you really can send it out whenever you want, be it in the middle of the day or during the night, you can rest assured that it won’t be annoying anybody.

You can program the unit either using its control panel or, like the other components, you can use the Smart System App. This allows you to change its mowing times, which you can align with your watering times, and its mowing height so that it adapts to the different growing seasons.

Now if you have a slightly more complicated lawn than most, i.e. with some narrow passages, then don’t worry the Sileno will handle these without a problem. With its EasyPassage function the mower can pass through these corridors with ease and won’t leave any tracks behind. All you need to do is make sure it’s boundary wires are set up correctly in these areas and the Sileno will work like a charm.

Smart System Sensor

Real- time updates from your garden. Light, temperature and soil moisture will be tracked and can be checked via the app at any time.

This unit gathers on the weather conditions within your garden – the temperature, light intensity and soil moisture – and sends out this data to its counterparts so that they can alter their actions and outputs accordingly. This data is also forwarded to the Smart App where you can make further changes.

In order for it to measure the soil moisture content it needs to be place within the ground and beside your plants, this makes for more reliable results as it’s right beside the plant roots. As the antennae provide a strong and reliable connection between all components, the smart sensor will operate in even large gardens without a problem.

You might also enjoy:

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Smart App

The Gardena app is completely free and can be downloaded onto all Android and iOS devices. As I have mentioned above, you can control mowing times, watering times and see all the important information picked up by the Smart Sensor. Provided you have data and signal, you can keep complete control of your lawn and adapt the systems settings as you so please with just the tap of the screen.

Brief Summary of the Automated Smart System

Overall I think the Gardena Smart System really could change the way we maintain our gardens for the years to come. It takes out all the hard work of maintaining the lawn, requires almost no effort to operate and gives everyone the chance of having a brilliant looking garden. It’s just a fantastic piece of technology!

Find out more about Easy Lawn mowing on their Facebook or Google Plus pages.

grass clippings featured

Grass Clippings - Issue #01

snippets beyond the lawn

Although it would be awesome to write a review for every outdoor-related product out there, it's not feasible with the millions of products on the market. But, sometimes there are things that deserve a mention with some highlights to go along with them.

Have a look through these items in this issue of Grass Clippings, a quick snippet of different stuff related (or not) to the typical outdoor lawn products. 

coleman inflatable hot tub

If you don't have the money to spend on a traditional hot tub, an inflatable version might be right in your budget. 

  • Fits 4-6 people
  • DIgital Control Panel
  • Bubble Jets!

Compared to putting up a new fence which can run $5-$100 per foot, using a wireless fence for your animal can definitely save some money!

  • Covers up to 1/2 acre
  • Adjustable levels of correction
  • No wires to bury!

Growing up with a pool vacuum, I know what it's like to have to worry about the hook up, maintenance, and clean-up of a pool vacuum. Why not let a robot do it?

  • Scrubs, Vacuums and Filters All Pool Surfaces
  • Preset timer for auto-cleaning schedules
  • Included remote control

The cost of a portable projector are really starting to drop. This pico projector supports up to 1080p and puts out 500 lumens!

  • Use apps like Netflix. Hulu, and YouTube
  • Fits in your pocket for portability
  • HDMI input to connect game system or laptop

World's first smart guitar. Connect this to your iPhone or Apple device and start jamming out. Uses a wireless connection so no wires!

  • Interactive teaching apps to learn chords
  • Display fingers on screen in real-time
  • Perfect for travel due to size

All of the items in this issue of Grass Clippings are definitely something worth recommending. I'd say that until we are able to get a fence in our backyard, my first pick would be the PetSafe wireless fence since our puppy things it's hilarious to run away from us close to the street.

We hope you enjoyed these items and look forward to the next issue of Grass Clippings! If you have any suggested items you'd like to submit, you can do so below.

Suggestion for a Grass Clippings Product?

If you're still thinking about making the switch to an electric weed eater from gas, these five reasons show the benefits of finally making the jump. With more power from cordless trimmers, there's not many scenarios where you should continue using a gas powered weed eater.

Just to clarify, all of the reasons listed here are for cordless options, not corded. In recent years, corded options are dwindling because of the capabilities of newer lithium-ion battery technologies.

1. No more mixing gas and oil improperly

Oops, that was a little too much gas. Oh well, that'll be fine.

Most of us are familiar with the times too much oil or too much gas was used in the gas trimmer. Unless you are buying pre-mixed solution, it's really hard to make sure the exact ratio is followed.

2. Electric weed eaters are stupid easy to start

I know it's the first start of the year, but twenty pulls on this string is ridiculous!

Even using the highest priced weed eaters the following year, I highly doubt they will be starting on the first string pull. Use the below guide to learn how to start an electric weed eater:

  • Insert the battery
  • Push the button

My ratio of oil to gas for my weed trimmer isn't working. Maybe it's time to switch to an electric weed eater. #electriclawn

Click to Tweet

3. Less noise to annoy the neighbors with

"Hey Bob, how's life?" (Holding a conversation while trimming)

Compared with gas weed eaters, electric alternatives are proven to be more quiet. That means even late in the evening you can trim the yard without bothering the neighbor's dinner or movie time. In addition, no more need for earmuffs.

4. Absolute freedom from cords

[FACT] Two things people do: cut their own cord or trip on it.

Limitations suck. Period. It doesn't matter if it's a vacuum or a weed eater, running out of cable is frustrating and plain annoying. There are many other words that fit here, but these should work fine.

5. Eco-friendly: no gas, oil, or fumes to worry about 

Crap. Spilled gas again. And, there goes oil in my yard where my garden plants grow. And then I eat them.

Aside from the lovely thought of never needing gas again, not having to worry about oil or getting light-headed from the fumes seems like a good trade-off.

6. Super low maintenance

Let me grab my socket wrench so I can change this spark plug.

Let's do a quick comparison of maintenance required for both types of trimmers.


  • Clean away dirt
  • Inspect for damage
  • Check and replace air filter
  • Adjust the idle speed
  • Clean or replace spark plug
  • Check and add oil
  • Change the oil


  • Clean away dirt
  • Inspect for damage
  • Follow proper battery care

Pretty clear here on the workload required. Depending on which trimmer you have, there might also be a fuel filter (for gas) to check and replace. 

7. Newer electric weed eaters do not lack power

My new cordless weed eater does just fine. It can slice through dandelions and single blades of grass effortlessly. -Said someone in the early 2000s

There were a few issues in the past with cordless weed eaters. No power, short use time, and long charge time. When the trim work was done (normally about 15 minutes or less), it took a long time to recharge the battery. Also, if anyone wanted to cut through something thick, they didn't even attempt it.

8. Storage is quick and painless

Hold on honey, I need to empty everything from the weed eater for storage.

Once done using the electric trimmer, just pull out the battery and put it in the charger. Lay the weed eater anywhere you'd like. It's that easy.

9. Lightweight: perfect for grab-n-go

Where'd that shoulder strap go?

Lighter means less strain on muscles and easier maneuvering for getting things done. I've never met someone who'd rather have a heavier piece of equipment -- speaking in weed eater terms of course.

10. Shared batteries with other electric equipment

Yep, I'm done with the chainsaw. Looks like there's still some battery left.

Many manufacturers are making universal lawn equipment that share batteries. You can remove the battery from a leaf blower and go directly to your weed eater. Even some lawn mowers can share with the trimmer.

Hopefully these reasons have shed some light on moving to an electric setup. Of course, there are other reasons to consider in your personal situation.