Choosing the right equipment for your home can be difficult with many different brands of lawn mowers and other outdoor items.

Many of us want that perfect, tidy yard to show off to the neighbors, right? Here at Lawnaholic, we’ll be discussing top notch equipment and the why behind the selection. There will be also be relevant technology on the site to take that extra step for a simply perfect outdoor area.

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What is the best riding or walk-behind mower?

Are there more options for making a tidy and organized yard or storage space?

How can I use technology to have a more fun interaction with family?

With so much top-of-the-line equipment, it’s difficult to make the best selection of features, affordability, and reliability. When the family reunion happens next week, what are some ways to keep them having fun until the minute they leave?

Another thing, maybe you’re just plain tired of mowing the yard for 2 hours and want to significantly drop the mow time down to 30 minutes with a riding mower.

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Lawnaholic has the reviews you need and the important factors that aren’t available through traditional channels. The articles and information are hand-crafted and researched to inform you of the latest technologies, ways to prevent a regretful decision, and how to get the most out of your equipment.

If you’re not in the position to make a jump to new equipment, we’ll also look at the differences between trends and follow recommendations from the companies that other’s put their trust in. It’s a nice thing to have a great looking outdoor space and it’s our desire to make that happen.

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